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 We have started harvesting and will bring our produce to the Auburn Farmers' Market, beginning Saturday, June 8th, 2019.
We here at Blue Acres are pleased to advise our loyal customers that we expect to enjoy another great blueberry growing season. We have enjoyed bringing to you the best tasting and healthy berries which we are able to grow.  Now, we are also registered organic and will continue to provide to you the benefit of these wonderful fruit.  From time to time, we will also be offering blueberry preserves and fresh-baked blueberry muffins

Please e-mail us at to inquire, and we will get back to you with updates on our harvest.
However, we are still unable to offer "u-pick" because of insurance and liability issues.  We grow our organic blueberries on nearly 500 plants.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  

                                Althea and Merrill Frankel
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